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Auto Insurance in El Paso, TX

El Paso drivers must prove they can pay for damage they cause in an accident. Many drivers do this by maintaining certain minimum levels of auto liability insurance to comply with state laws.

Contact Pan American Insurance in El Paso to learn about your auto insurance options and get a personalized car insurance quote.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost?

Insurance firms use underwriting to determine if they will offer you a policy and its price. The amount you pay for your insurance is your premium.

When calculating your car insurance premium, insurers typically consider the following:

  • Driving history and claims record—Expect to pay more if you’ve had accidents or received tickets. Some insurers might not offer you coverage.
  • Vehicle storage location—Urban areas often have higher rates due to a greater likelihood of accidents or theft than rural regions. Even within the same city, costs can differ by ZIP code.
  • Type of vehicle—Luxury, high-performance and sports vehicles typically incur higher collision and comprehensive rates. Cars that are expensive to fix also face higher rates.
  • Usage of your vehicle—Expect higher rates if you commute to work or use your car for business.
  • Credit history—Your credit score may influence your rates. Your agent can help you understand the impact of poor or fair credit scores on your rates.

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