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July 3, 2013

5 Reasons Talking to an Agent is Better Than a Comparing Prices Online

Business meetingThe process of finding insurance coverage for your business is critical to its well-being. While you want to find a policy with the lowest premium possible, you still need to be absolutely certain that your business, its assets and its employees are adequately covered for all eventualities.  

Most businesses in the U.S. require three main categories of insurance: property insurance, liability insurance and workers’ insurance. This essential coverage can be a huge burden on your company’s balance sheet, but turning to a price comparison website for much-needed savings may not be the magic wand that these ‘independent’ services would have you believe. Turning to an experienced insurance agent will provide you with some benefits that simply aren’t possible if you decide to use an online marketplace for your business’ insurance needs.

1. Access to More Providers

Automated price comparison websites rely on effective communication between their own software and that of insurance providers.  Not every provider is prepared to allow this and that can restrict your options. Some price comparison insurance websites have only a minimal online presence, and their services simply aren’t compatible with third-party services. An independent insurance agent, however, will often have personal relationships with hundreds of providers. When those relationships are combined with a thorough knowledge of each provider and their respective strengths and weaknesses, businesses have an invaluable resource at their disposal.

2. A One-Stop-Shop for All Insurance Needs

Most price comparison websites will categorize the insurance products they represent and that can leave you performing multiple searches to cover all your business coverage needs.  However, an experienced independent insurance agent will have a thorough knowledge of the market in general.  In situations where their knowledge is lacking, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

3. Your Own Personal Adviser

Insurance policies are notoriously complex.  The average contract for business insurance is so large it often takes the form of a book or pamphlet and there isn’t a price comparison site in the world that will take the time to sit down with you to discuss its suitability for your business. An independent insurance agent is someone you can develop a working relationship with, someone who will protect your business interests by reading the small print and someone who will ensure your coverage is appropriate and sufficient.

4. Protection from Industry Jargon

It should be of no surprise that the last thing insurance companies want to do is pay out on a claim. They use ‘manuscript’ policy contracts that can differ between states and companies. Comparison websites don’t offer a great deal of help when it comes to the legal aspect of your business coverage. Thankfully, an independent insurance agent will understand the nuanced differences between policies and how they will affect your business.

5. Honesty

Most price comparison websites will include sponsored results that are usually placed at the very top of a results page.  Manipulating search results in this way often misleads business owners by suggesting the first policies listed on a results page are the most appropriate, even if they are not. An independent insurance agent will provide you with honest and impartial advice on which policy best serves the needs of your business, regardless of financial incentives and the agenda of the individual providers.

The importance of effective insurance coverage for your business cannot be underestimated, but finding the most appropriate policy can be a minefield.  Call us now on 915-562-0009, and we will work with you to ensure you get the El Paso business insurance coverage you need at the best prices possible.

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