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July 9, 2013

Car Insurance Rates Increase 71% for Teen Drivers in Texas

A study by InsuranceQuotes.com finds a married couple in Texas can expect to see their car insurance premiums rise more than 70% when they add a teenage driver to their policy.

The report finds Texas enjoys the ninth-lowest rate increase in the country for adding teen drivers to their parents’ policies. The national average for such a rate hike is more than 80%. Laura Adams is senior insurance analyst for InsuranceQuotes.com, “The states that had lower increases tended to be the states that have less regulation in the state. For Texas, 71% being below average, what we’re finding is that, you know, in many cases, that simply means there’s less state regulation.”

In ten states, the policy holders see their premiums more than double. Those in Arkansas take the biggest hit at 116%. Couples in Hawaii get off the easiest, with a rate increase of less than 20%. Hawaii is the only state that doesn’t allow insurance providers to consider age, gender, or length of driving experience when setting premiums.

(Source: kuhf.org)

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