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May 20, 2014

How to Protect Your Car in the Extreme Heat

CarCars are built to last for years, but the sweltering rays of summer can crack or warp your dashboard and other interior components, along with the paint job. Protect your car during bouts of extreme heat using the following tips.

Internal Care

The air conditioner is crucial in very hot climates. Because this system works on overdrive when it’s hot, have it inspected annually, along with the air filter, to ensure its proper function. While a mechanic has your hood open, have him or her check you coolant and other fluid levels and top off as needed. You may also have the mechanic test the battery charge and clean the top of it.

Keep It Cool

If possible, tint your car’s windows to help reduce the interior temperature and prevent UV ray damage. Additionally, park in the shade whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Avoiding direct sun exposure prevents a variety of negative effects, including gasoline evaporation. When you can’t find a shady parking spot, place a sun shade over your windshield to protect your car’s interior.


A variety of commercial products are available at grocery and auto supply stores that are designed to help protect your leather and vinyl seats, your dashboard and your paint job. From leather conditioners to protectant wipes to wax, these layers of protection prevent UV rays from causing damage.


The interior of your car is often significantly warmer than the temperature outside. Never leave a child or pet unattended in a parked vehicle for any amount of time, no matter how brief.

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