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June 24, 2014

Why You Should Consider Travel Insurance

TravelWhy buy travel insurance? The main reason is that a vacation can be an expensive proposition, with a lot of nonrefundable costs in the event that it has to be cancelled or delayed at the last moment. If you have to cancel a vacation for any reason, such as an illness, a death in the family, bad weather, natural disaster or some other unforeseen and unavoidable reason, travel insurance would be a great benefit for anyone who has planned a vacation, only to wind up paying for a lot of things you can’t use. Such nonrefundable travel items include airline tickets, hotel reservations, tours and other expenses.

Another kind of travel insurance covers sudden and unexpected health issues that may occur while traveling that are not covered by regular health insurance. This is particularly useful in a foreign country where the health care system may not be up to western standards. Services covered may include emergency room costs and medical evacuation if you’re seriously ill or hurt.

The third kind of travel insurance is called assistive insurance. This connects the traveler to such services as legal advice or health care providers in case of an emergency.

A recent survey by the US Travel Insurance Association reported that one in six Americans have had their travel plans impacted by unforeseen developments such as an illness, air carrier problems or some other reason. Of those people, just one in five had travel insurance. The rest often took a serious financial hit because their travel plans were ruined. Therefore everyone should evaluate their needs and consider including insurance as part of their vacation plans.

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