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July 10, 2014

5 Tips for a Successful RV Trip

Recreational VehicleGoing on an RV trip this summer or fall? RV vacations can provide fantastic family memories. The key is to make sure the memories are all positive ones, and that unexpected, undesirable issues are avoided! Here are five tips for a successful RV trip.

  1. Plan to set up during daylight. Backing an RV into a campsite can be very tricky and will be even more difficult if attempted when it is dark out. The ground is likely to be uneven and you will want to watch out for branches and other obstacles. Plan to arrive and set up during daylight hours so you can complete all tasks successfully and ensure the RV is safely situated prior to retiring for the night.

  2. Keep an eye on weather predictions. Before heading out for a day hike or a canoe ride, check on weather predictions. When you are out enjoying nature make sure you keep one eye on the sky to see if any inclement weather is coming. You will want to be sure you have time to take appropriate shelter for any thunderstorms or other threatening weather.

  3. Practice Fire Safety.Campfires are often a highlight of the RV experience. They are both practical, providing a way to cook food and keep warm, and fun. Fires need to be treated with the seriousness they deserve however. Be careful when cooking over an open fire. Never leave a fire unattended. Keep a close eye on children near a campfire and take the opportunity to teach them fire safety lessons.

  4. Hike safely. Many RV sites have nearby hiking trails which provide a fun daytime activity. If you choose to go on a hiking trail, it is important to have a safe experience. Dress appropriately for the weather. Wear appropriate shoes for hiking to keep your feet protected and aid in balance on uneven ground. Staying on the trails helps you avoid poisonous plants and dangerous animals.

  5. Leave your itinerary with friends or family.This may not prevent an incident from occurring, but at least someone will be looking for you in the right place if something does happen. It is important to leave information with a loved one at home who will come looking for you if you don’t arrive home as planned or if they hear of a weather emergency at your location. Provide an itinerary for your entire RV trip. Also, make sure to leave any day trip itineraries, such as a hiking or boating excursion.

By following the above five safety tips, your RV vacation will be more likely to be safe as well as fun. Enjoy making positive family memories this season!

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