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July 22, 2014

5 Tips for Driving Around Motorcycles

MotorcycleAs you’re driving around this summer, you may notice an increase in motorcycle traffic. As you hear the roar of an engine or see one coming your way, keep these tips in mind to avoid any kind of incident between your car and a motorcycle.

  1. Look twice before turning left at an intersection. The number one situation causing motorcycle accidents involve vehicles making left-hand turns in front of a bike. They are harder to see, so when making a left-hand turn, look twice.

  2. Increase your following distance. A good rule of thumb is to stay back four seconds. Pick a fixed spot such as a tree or sign and start counting when the motorcycle passes it. You shouldn’t pass that point until you count to four. If you do, you’re too close. Give yourself this extra time to react if the motorcycle does something unexpected.

  3. Check your blind spots vigilantly. It’s easy to miss bikes in your mirrors so when changing lanes, make sure you turn your head to check those spots.

  4. Give them space. When you see motorcycles weaving in their lane, they are probably not being reckless, but simply navigating through potholes, oil spots and debris. Some do it just to increase their visibility. Don’t crowd their lane when you’re passing just because they’re smaller. Give them the room they need to drive safely.

  5. Drive defensively. Just like you should prepare yourself for the unexpected around other cars, develop an awareness of motorcycles around you and have a reaction plan. A collision with another vehicle is never good, but the consequences of hitting a bike can result in more injuries, something you don’t want to have on your conscience.

As you cruise the roadways this summer, keep an eye and ear out for motorcycles around you.

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