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August 12, 2014

Where Should You Store Your Motorcycle?

couple riding motorcycleIf you’re preparing for a lengthy vacation or just looking ahead to fall/winter, you may be looking for motorcycle storage options. Just like with your car, it’s always best to store your motorcycle indoors. Even though you can cover your motorcycle in your driveway, it’s still more susceptible to weather damage, animal nesting and theft. You’d be better off storing your motorcycle in your garage or a storage facility.

However, if you’re planning to store your motorcycle for more than a few weeks, there are a few steps you should take to keep it in good condition while it’s tucked away.

1. Gas up: Filling up the gas tank before a lengthy storage period helps reduce moisture buildup in the tank, but fuel gets old after a while and it can clog up the inner workings of your bike. After gassing up, add in a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas fresher for longer.

2. Charge up: Leaving a motorcycle battery alone for too long can lead to a dead battery come time to take your bike out of storage. You can keep your battery juiced up by connecting it to a battery tender during storage.

3. Clean up: Motorcycles accumulate lots of road grime, which can harden during storage. Giving your bike a thorough wash not only keeps it in great condition, but it also allows you get right on your bike after storage without the need to stop and wash it right then.

4. Fire up: If you’re able to easily reach your bike during storage, start the engine and let it run for five minutes every few weeks. Motorcycles stay in the best shape when the engine is continually used, rather than left to collect dust for a few months.

Remember, where you store your bike can affect your motorcycle insurance premiums. Ask your independent agent if you can save after moving your bike into the garage.

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