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September 8, 2014

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

couple moving into apartmentIf you’ve rented before, you’re familiar with the security deposit you often must pay before moving in. This chunk of money—that can cost between $300 and a full month’s rent—acts as a form of collateral in the event that you damage the rental unit, whether intentional or accidental. In many cases, this deposit is half refundable, so how can you ensure that you get it back upon moving out?

Most apartment complexes hand you a checklist when you move in so you can note any existing damages and turn in the list with management. Take the time to really examine the rental unit and make notes on this checklist; you may even choose to take time-stamped photos of damages as another point of reference. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself in case management loses it. Upon moving out, you will not be responsible for any damages that were there before you even received the key, so long as things are well-documented.

When you move out, the landlord will conduct a walk-through to check for damages. While normal wear and tear usually slides, any damaged property—cracked mirrors, broken appliances, gouges in the wall etc.—or stolen property—small objects like garage door openers are often accidentally taken—must be repaired or replaced before the next resident moves in.

The landlord may try to pin damages on you in order to hold on to your security deposit, but you can contest the claims using your checklist. If you’ve taken very good care of your rental unit, you stand a good chance in getting the refundable portion of your deposit back by referring to your documentation.

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