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March 7, 2015

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Springtime Driving

Blurry carFor many, the arrival of spring is cause for celebration. But as always, when getting in your vehicle, it’s important to stay alert and vigilant about safety. With the arrival of spring comes some new challenges for drivers. Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re driving across town or have a longer road trip in mind.

  1. The quick warm-up. The weather fluctuates a lot in the spring, and it’s very common in some places to have a snowfall followed by a burst of warm temperatures. When it gets up into the 40s and 50s, especially with some help from the sun, the snow melts quickly, which can cause flooding. Remember, never drive through standing water. Turn around and find a different route.

  2. Black ice. According to the old saying, spring rainstorms result in beautiful flowers, but they also make the roads wet. Temperatures at night may still dip below freezing, changing that rain into an invisible coating of ice, which is very dangerous to drive on. When these conditions exist, proceed with caution.

  3. Potholes. The freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc on the asphalt, leaving large craters behind that will get fixed eventually; but in the meantime, they can cause issues. Hitting one of these holes could damage your vehicle or tire, leaving you inconvenienced and with a repair bill. On the other hand, swerving to miss a pothole could also cause an accident. Try to keep an eye out for these issues and navigate around them carefully.

  4. Car maintenance delays. Lots of things get put off in the winter, including regular maintenance on your vehicle. At the very least, delays could cause excess damage to your vehicle. In some cases, such as putting off new brakes or tires, dragging your feet could result in an accident.

  5. Spring cleaning. Many cars don’t get regular washes throughout the winter, and the dirt and grime really builds up. When it effects visibility, it becomes a problem. Give your car a bath so that you can see well out of all the windows. Making your car shine again will also allow other drivers to see your vehicle better too.

Everyone loves the arrival of spring, but when it comes to driving, there are inherent dangers that come with the season. Keep these in mind as you go out and about during these months. And make sure your auto insurance policy is in force to protect you on the roadways.

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