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August 5, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Across Parking Lots

Fender benderGetting stuck in traffic is a terrible feeling, but when you live in the city, it comes with the territory. The Atlantic estimates that Americans spend about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. If you consider how busy you are, it makes sense to try to save every minute possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to saving time during traffic, many people do it the wrong way. Instead of finding optimal routes to and from work, they cut through parking lots to avoid traffic control devices, such as lights.

Understanding Parking Lot Cutting

Have you ever been waiting at a light and the person behind you or in front of you turns into a business’ parking lot, drives through the lot and turns on their road they needed to take, while avoiding the light? The practice is both illegal and dangerous. When you cut across a parking lot, it’s a civil violation since you are deliberately avoiding traffic control devices that exist to enhance safety.

What Makes Parking Lot Cutting Unsafe

Business parking lots are open to the public because owners want to attract business. However, business parking lots are not conducive to fast moving traffic and many parking lot cutters are driving at a fast pace when they maneuver in and out of the parking lot. In some areas, depending on how the driver is driving when they cut across parking lots and whether someone is in the lot at the time, they may get a traffic violation for driving recklessly, which can increase the cost of their auto insurance.

The Alternative

You have a choice when you drive. Although cutting through a parking lot may shave a little time off of your daily commute, you place others around you in harm’s way. Instead of relying on saving time by cutting through a lot, you can leave a few minutes early from home and enjoy a peaceful, safe drive to work. By doing this, you don’t jeopardize your car insurance, and you protect yourself and the people around you.

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