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November 20, 2015

How Can I Protect My Apartment from Theft?

AlarmMany apartment complexes offer safety features like community gates, security cameras and deadbolt locks in order to reduce the risk of theft. But with so many people coming and going, apartments may become an easy target for a lurking criminal. Luckily, there are simple, inexpensive steps you can take to boost the security of your apartment so you can rest at ease.

Lock Up

Most thefts are crimes of opportunity, so don’t make it easy. Lock the doors and windows before leaving (even if only to run to the store around the corner) and when going to sleep. Make use of deadbolts as well; and if you don’t have deadbolts, ask management if they can install them on exterior doors as an extra precaution. If you have a sliding glass door, insert a wooden dowel into the track to prevent a thief from prying the door open.

Make it Look Like You’re Home

Because thieves look for targets that appear vacant, creating the appearance that you’re home is often enough to convince a would-be thief to move on. The key is to not let patterns form that a criminal can study to learn when you’ll be out. Buy a few timers and set lights and a radio to turn on and off at intervals through the day. That can prove effective while you’re at work and on vacation. And when you do leave town, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail and check on your place every day or two ensure that everything is okay.

Get an Alarm

Some apartments come equipped with alarm systems that you can choose to activate at your own discretion. And it’s worth considering, or installing one if it’s not already there. Many alarm monitoring services provide an inexpensive means of protection, with the ability to alert the police if a break-in does occur.

Renters Insurance

Even with your best efforts, theft is unfortunately still a risk that cannot be entirely eliminated. Protecting your possessions with renters insurance is a great way to ensure that, in the event of a theft, you’ll have the means to replace what was lost or damaged.

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