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April 21, 2016

Does Renters Insurance Cover Your Drone?

Renters InsuranceDrones are becoming one of the biggest pastimes today. These devices fly, record and provide some outstanding access to a new view on the world. If you have one, you may be happy to take it out and use it. However, most drones tend to also be highly expensive and, depending on the type that you have, it may be hard to replace if something goes wrong. Does your renters insurance cover your drone’s value?

Whether or not a drone is covered on a home insurance or renters insurance policy depends on many things. Consider what your renters insurance covers. Generally, it helps cover your belongings and the contents of your home, as well as provide liability protection for you.

However, most renters insurance policies have a limit on how much they cover. This generally is not much more than the value of the contents of your home. If your drone is a high valued item, it may not be protected because the limit on your policy is too low. You may wish to add it to your insurance as an additional policy or coverage item, much like expensive computer components are added.

In other cases, your insurer may see the drone as a device that is not covered outright. If your drone’s value is not necessarily high, but still valuable, be sure that your policy specifically lists the drone on it to ensure it is specifically covered.

It also depends on what happened to the drone. If it was stolen, for example, the policy may kick in to cover it as a type of covered item from your property. If the item was damaged because of the way you used it, on the other hand, it is not likely to be covered under your policy.

Take a few minutes to call your renters insurance company and discuss your specific coverage needs. Be sure your policy specifically mentions and includes your drone. Be sure the value is accurate so that your valuable item is well protected. It is also a good idea to have ample liability insurance to help safeguard against accidents or damage caused to another person’s property or body as a result of your drone. Taking these steps can protect your device.

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