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June 23, 2016

Common Driving Distractions

Blurry carHow many distractions do you have when going from one place to the next behind the wheel of a car? Many people don’t realize just how worrisome these distractions can be. However, it takes only a few seconds or minutes of a simple distraction to create a large accident and a significant auto insurance claim. You can avoid these distractions by simply taking a few extra steps to recognize the risk. Do you know what distractions you face?

Driving with Pets

When there is an animal in the car, you are at a higher risk of being a distracted driver. Perhaps the pet is sitting upfront with you, even on your lap. That’s a high risk. Even an animal in the backseat, though, is a risk if he or she is not properly restrained. Will the dog start barking? Will you become overwhelmed with worry if the dog falls off the seat? Ensure your pet is always safely harnessed for his and your safety.

The Radio

Though many people use the radio in the car, it can become a problematic in some cases. Could the discussion on the radio cause you to pay less attention to the roadways? On the other hand, you may be facing a lack of good music, which has you changing stations frequently. To avoid this, install a voice-activated radio or put on a playlist before you begin driving.

Drinking and Eating

How can a simple drink in the car with you be a problem? What happens if you spill it? What is your immediate reaction? It could be to slam on the brakes. In other cases, if you are eating, you are putting less attention on the roadway in front of you, therefore limiting your ability to react fast enough in a risky situation. Whenever possible, avoid eating and drinking in a vehicle; or at least choose foods that are easy to eat.

You may have auto insurance to cover the losses faced by an accident caused by distractions, but it’s never a good idea to drive if you cannot focus 100 percent on the road. Your emotions, talking on the phone, watching a video or even using a navigation system can be a risk to you. Avoid the car insurance claims and instead, focus on the road.

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