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November 18, 2016

Try These Wet Road Tips to Avoid Accidents

Driving in RainIt’s raining, and everything is wet including the roads. Rain means more danger on the road. Driving in wet conditions raises your risk of accidents and breakdowns.

If you don’t practice safe driving techniques, you could wind up in an accident. That could lead to serious damage and higher auto insurance rates.

Driving in rain, especially heavy rain, can be nerve-wracking for drivers. You should always be safe when driving in bad weather.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when heading out in the rain.

Before You Go

  • Check your tires and your brakes. Tires that are low or that have worn treads make stopping harder. Wet roads also impact braking and cause cars to skid. You should add air and have your tires replaced regularly to make sure that they grip the road well.
  • Check your lights. In many states, you must drive with your lights on during rain. Rain impacts how well you can see the road, so having your lights on helps other cars see you.
  • Check your wipers. If your wipers are worn or do not fit your car correctly, you won’t be able to see clearly when driving. You should replace your wipers every six months or yearly.

On The Road

  • Look out for oil and debris on the road. When it rains, roads can become slippery. Driving through oil drippings or wet debris can cause you to lose control. Slow down, or go around these items.
  • Slow down. Speeding can lead to hydroplaning or skidding.
  • Refrain from heavy braking. Always begin to slow down much earlier in bad weather.
  • Keep your distance from other cars. Because bad weather affects stopping, the risk of colliding with another car in rain is much higher.

You should always exercise caution when driving in bad weather. A record of safe driving can often help you save on El Paso auto insurance. We’re here to help you understand the coverage you have for bad weather. Call Pan American Insurance today at 915-562-0009.

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