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June 16, 2017

Home Insurance and Appliances: What’s Covered?

Home applicancesThe refrigerator stops working. Your home’s heating and cooling system needs a significant repair. These are large appliances within any home. When they break down, it can be worrisome to consider the cost.

Home insurance provides coverage for many risk factors. Coverage for appliances differs from one situation to the next. Your policy will outline the specific amount and coverage available to you, though. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Your Contents Coverage

Home insurance policies cover the contents of a home. This includes personal property and furnishings. It can cover appliances in some cases. It usually covers appliances from risks such as fire and theft.

Take a look at your existing home insurance plan. It will list the specific amount of contents coverage you own. This is the maximum amount you can claim. In a major loss, this amount may not cover all expenses. You can add to this coverage. Ask for an endorsement or increase the coverage limit.

Most often, the coverage amount is a percentage of the home’s covered value. This is generally one-half of the total value of the structure. The policy lists the insured value. Most often, it will list the per-item coverage limit as well. This is the amount the policy will pay out based per item or appliance lost.

The Type of Cause Matters

Home insurance covers accidental incidents. These are unpreventable situations. You can expect this to usually include fire, theft, vandalism, and storm damage.

It does not cover normal wear and tear. If your appliance breaks down, the policy will not cover the cost. If the refrigerator needs repairs because of a broken motor, your home insurance will not cover it. Take a closer look at the types of coverage you have. This, too, is on your policy.

Protecting Those High-End Valuables

Are you planning to buy a new appliance? Today’s appliances can easily top $1,000 or more. To protect that value, call your home insurance agent. Be sure the agent knows of your new, high-valued appliance.

It is important to keep an ongoing inventory of the appliances and other belongings in your home. This will ensure you have proof of ownership if you need to file a claim later. Keep the receipt for your purchase, too.

The right type of home insurance can help you with some appliance loss. Talk to your agent about how well your policy does this.

We’ve got you covered. Pan American Insurance can help you get a El Paso home insurance policy that will meet your needs. Call us at 915-562-0009 for more information.

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