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July 14, 2017

Liability Risks in Your Personal Belongings

Woman inside homeMost renters insurance policies protect you from liability risks. Liabilities are damages that you or your property may cause to others or their property. Policies usually make allowances for certain liability damages that occur on your rental property. They come with dollar limits on how much coverage they will provide following a liability incident.

Whenever you move into a new rental property, you bring a level of liability risk to the home. The liabilities you bring could cause damages, some of which your policy might even exclude. Policies variously exclude certain liabilities, and you might have to purchase extra coverage in order to protect these risks.

Furthermore, if you move into your home and don’t take steps to reduce the liability risks you pose, you could see your insurance claims denied. Insurance providers usually expect policyholders to take responsibility for their personal items in their space. They might deny you a claim if you don’t take steps to reduce the risk your personal property causes in the rental.

There are multiple items of property that might be dangerous in a rental property. If your personal property poses a liability risk, take steps to cut down on the risk.

  • Pets pose liability risks. They might bite or attack visitors, or damage property in the rental home. Do your best to protect your property and guests from pet risks. Monitor the pet’s behavior and access to property it might damage. Make sure your pet has time to adjust to new guests and new surroundings.
  • If you own guns or weapons, keep these items stored in safe places. Guard your private access to these items fiercely. Only allow trusted acquaintances to access or borrow the weapons.
  • Your personal appliances can pose risks to a rental home. People often move various appliances, like washers and dryers, into a rental home. If these items fail, they might cause bigger problems for the home. A malfunctioning appliance might catch fire or cause a problem in your electrical system. Such malfunctions could expand damages.
  • Your hobbies can be liabilities. If you keep sporting equipment in your home, it might cause harm to another person. A child might accidentally hit another child with a baseball. Someone might hit a golf ball through a plate glass door. The renter might have to make a liability insurance claim to be able to afford repairs or medical settlements.

Whenever you move into a rental home, take stock of your personal items. Analyze how each of them poses a liability risk to the home. If you spot clear risks to the property, take the time to secure them when you move in.

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