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August 9, 2017

4 Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Auto Insurance

Two van menAs a business owner, you rely on employees to do business using your vehicle fleet. Whether they remain in town or travel long distances, auto insurance can protect them and your vehicles. However, purchasing auto insurance can be tricky.

You may not know what questions to ask about commercial auto insurance. If you ask the following questions, you’re on your way to having commercial auto coverage that’s perfect for your business.

Question #1. What’s Covered by the Policy?

It is critical that you know what your commercial auto insurance policy covers. You never want to be in a situation where you find out you don’t have the coverage you need.

The answer to this question must include coverage for all of your employees, at-fault accidents, coverage for repairs and replacements, and accidents that don’t involve another car.

Question #2. What Amount of Coverage Is Best?

With commercial auto insurance, you get the benefit of choosing larger coverage options. Policy levels usually are higher than those of personal auto insurance. With larger limits, you’ll likely have the coverage if you experience many accidents in one year. Or, you’ll have enough coverage to cover a significant loss.

Question #3. What Are the Limits and Exclusions of Business Auto Insurance?

In addition to knowing what your car insurance covers, you must also know what it doesn’t cover. Limits and exclusions sometimes help you know your commercial car insurance responsibilities. Limits tell you where your insurance ends. Exclusions tell you what your auto coverage will not cover. When you know this information, you can get more coverage to protect your business.

Question #4. Does Your Business Auto Insurance Cover Your Cargo?

Even if you aren’t in the business of hauling goods, asking about cargo coverage is a good idea. With many of your employees carrying business utensils, you need auto insurance to cover these items.

If it doesn’t, it’s possible that your insurance provider will offer a rider or more insurance. That way, you can reduce your financial exposure.

Getting commercial auto insurance doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you ask the right questions, you can easily get the coverage that’s the best fit for your business. If you ask these questions, you’ll be close to getting the commercial auto insurance you need for your business.

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