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November 14, 2017

Does Home Insurance Cover AC and Furnace Repair?

Repair menHome insurance helps cover your financial obligations in situations where accidental or unavoidable damages occur. The policy aims to reduce the impact on your well-being when an accident or disaster occurs. Home air conditioners and furnaces rarely fit in this qualification. It is important for homeowners to maintain these systems, though.

Normal Wear and Tear

Home insurance does not cover normal wear and tear. A furnace or air conditioner system needs proper maintenance. This means proper service from a licensed contractor. It means proper cleaning and repair. Of course, even the most well-maintained system can develop problems.

Still, most home insurance does not cover any type of repair or maintenance to these systems. It also does not cover replacing them when they wear out for normal reasons.

Fires or Storm Damage

Home insurance may replace a home’s air conditioner or furnace if damaged in a covered event. This may include fires or storms, for example. In this situation, the event itself must have coverage. If the fire was unintentional or unavoidable, the policy may offer protection. To obtain coverage, the damage to the system must be directly related to the covered peril (the storm, fire, or other covered condition). There are limitations here. Verify your coverage by reading through your policy. Your business insurance agent can help.

Maintenance and Other Concerns

Here’s a key area of concern for most homeowners. You fail to maintain your home’s heating system. It does not receive normal service and has no cleaning record. It overheats. It starts a fire in your attic. Is there coverage here? In this case, the home’s heating and cooling have no coverage. What’s more, if poor maintenance and upkeep are responsible for the fire damage to the home, the home insurer may not cover it either.

Proper maintenance is key here. Keep a log of any service the air conditioner or furnace received. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations for proper maintenance and upkeep. Most importantly, work with your home insurance agent to modify your coverage. Be sure it represents all risks you face. And, learn about the coverage you have. Be sure you know when your policy applies and when it does not.

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