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June 24, 2020

Who is Covered Under Car Insurance After an Accident?

Auto InsuranceAccidents are scary at best. They can shake your tense of comfort, not to mention leading to injuries for you and your passengers. Car insurance is designed to take on some of the financial burden of a car accident so you can focus on getting back on your feet. It’s important, then, to make sure you have the right type and amount of insurance in case of an accident.

Types of Injury Coverage

There are specific coverages available for car insurance policies that cover injuries for those involved in an accident.

  • Bodily injury liability covers injuries the driver may cause other people while operating the insured vehicle. This coverage does not cover you or your passengers. It covers bodily injury to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
  • Medical payments coverage covers injuries the driver and their passengers may sustain after an accident, no matter who caused the accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage covers injuries the driver and their passengers may sustain after an uninsured driver causes an accident.

Difference Between Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection

Medical payments coverage and personal injury protection (PIP) are often confused. While they are similar, there are some differences. The main difference between these coverages is that medical payments coverage only covers medical expenses. Personal injury protection, on the other hand, also provides coverage for lost wages while the injured person is unable to work.

Another difference is where the coverage is available. States have different laws when it comes to car insurance. Not all states offer personal injury protection and vice versa. This is in part due to the fact that some states are fault states while others are not.

Texas, for example, is a fault state when it comes to car insurance. Under Texas law, insurance providers must offer personal injury protection, although it’s not required for drivers to carry. A fault state means that whoever is at fault for the accident is held responsible for a percentage of the damages determined by the amount of fault (as dictated by the accident and the state) and circumstances of the incident.

Are Pedestrians Covered Under Car Insurance?

Accidents involving pedestrians should be covered under your car insurance policy’s liability coverage. This can cover both their injuries and any property damage you may cause while operating the insured vehicle.

Are Other Drivers Covered in an Accident in Your Car?

Sometimes drivers let friends or family borrow their car. But what happens when they cause an accident while operating your car?

The good news is that your car insurance is likely to cover them. Personal injury protection and liability can protect the person operating the car with permission. There are certain exclusions, however. Some policies have exclusive drivers, who are drivers the policyholder or the insurance agency have chosen to exclude from the policy. This is usually done because the excluded driver has a poor driving record, low credit score, etc. These drivers will not be covered if given permission to operate the vehicle.

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