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November 23, 2021

Misconceptions About Renters Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, renters insurance isn’t anything new. It’s been around for a while now and many tenants have it. Misconceptions about renters insurance still linger, and we would like to clear up some of the confusion.  

My property owner will cover me: You already pay rent to them, so to tenants it makes sense that property owners will lend a hand in case of natural disasters or theft. But the reality is that property owners have the insurance to cover themselves and the building structures. Renters insurance is designed to cover your possessions within the rental property. red for rent sign

There’s not enough stuff for coverage: There are few items in your home that are yours and many believe that it isn’t worth coverage. Your belongings may not be worth much in your eyes, but let an appraiser be the judge. You’ll be surprised how much coverage you may receive to protect your items. The cost of electronics, jewelry, clothing and appliances add up when you total them together. 

Personal belongings are the only thing renters insurance covers: Many people believe renters insurance is all about protecting personal items. But it covers so much more. It covers things like vandalism, damage and theft. It covers liability expenses if a guest gets injured in your residence. It may also include medical and legal expenses.  

I don’t have enough money for renters insurance:
Renters insurance is less expensive than most people think. Premiums are generally between $10 and $20 per month. While cost does vary by location, provider and the person, the results are very affordable. If you find savings through bundling or special discounts, you can save even more money.  

I don’t invite people inside my apartment: You’re careful not to invite anyone off the street into your apartment. Your neighbor, however, may not be as careful about who he lets into the building. You need renters insurance not only to protect yourself but also to protect yourself from the people around you.  

Don’t let misconceptions sway you from choosing renters insurance. Rest easy with the peace of mind of knowing your belongings are protected. 

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