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February 3, 2022

Understanding Mexico Travel Insurance

Mexico is a popular travel destination for millions of people, who travel there each year to enjoy the warm sunshine, beaches, numerous accommodations and fresh seafood. 

A trip always involves some uncertainty. Travel insurance lets you financially safeguard your trip if something unexpected happens and your plans change. Especially during COVID times, this coverage makes sense since travel can be even more unpredictable. 
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What Coverage Does Travel Insurance Provide? 
Whether your trip is budget-friendly or a pricey stay at an all-inclusive resort, you consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover all your travel needs. These may include: 

  • Trip cancellation—If you’ve already paid for excursions, hotel rooms or other nonrefundable expenses, this coverage can cover 100% of your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses. However, if you want to cancel due to a projected storm, that may not be covered under a travel insurance plan. You may consider adding optional “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage. Our Pan American Insurance Agents can help you look at your insurance options to make the best choice for your travel needs. 

  • Trip delay—If your flights are unexpectedly delayed, this coverage can reimburse you for the costs of meals, personal care items, transportation and hotel accommodations. Often there is a specific time frame of delay before you’re eligible to make a claim, which is typically three to 12 hours. 

  • Trip interruption—If you need to shorten your trip and return home, many travel insurance plans provide coverage. This can apply if you or a travel partner become ill or injured during the trip. 

  • Medical expenses—Your health plan may not provide coverage outside the country. You need to obtain travel medical insurance for emergency medical expenses. Travelers to Mexico can encounter mosquito-borne illnesses (e.g., dengue fever and malaria) and traveler’s diarrhea or Montezuma’s revenge. Whether you end up with an overnight hospital stay or a visit to a local clinic, this is essential coverage to purchase. 

  • Medical evacuation—If you have an underlying medical condition, you should consider adding this coverage. This can pay to get you to the nearest adequate medical facility, and if your situation demands it, the coverage may pay for you to return to the United States. 

  • Baggage—It’s essential to keep track of your personal belongings when you’re traveling. However, if your camera, wallet, purse or luggage are stolen, travel insurance may help recover the costs.


Mexican travel insurance may include liability, travel assistance, medical coverage, legal assistance, collision protection, theft and vandalism, to name just a few. Pan American Insurance can help answer your questions and provide you with a quote for travel insurance needs. 

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