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March 28, 2022

Before You Add Solar Panels, Consider Your Home Insurance Policy

The cost of solar power is significantly lower than it has been. Adding solar can reduce your energy costs. It can also help the planet. Yet, this is a significant investment in your home. It can also make your home more valuable. How can that influence your insurance costs? 

If you plan to invest in solar panels, contact your home insurance agent. He or she may want to help you protect your new investment. 

Adding Solar Adds Value to Your Home 
The biggest reason to contact your home insurance agent has to do with value. The investment in solar panels will add value to your home. How much value depends on the system.  
outside of a home with electric car parked in the driveway, solar panels on roof
You will also be making changes to the roofing structure. And, there is now the need to protect new equipment. Your home insurance policy needs to reflect this. If it does not, damage to your panels could be costly to repair. But, if you let your agent know, you may have financial protection available to you. 

What Steps to Take 
Solar panels are a fantastic addition to many homes. Even in colder climates, they are more accessible than ever. The cost of solar panel systems is dropping as well. Some electricity providers are now offering homeowners discounts to install them. And, there are many types of products available. This includes solar panels, solar roof tiles, and on-ground systems. Here’s what you need to do. 

  • Discuss the options for solar power with your installer. Learn what steps it will take to install the system. Determine the cost. 

  • Find out if there is a warranty for repair on your system. How long does it last? Does it cover all risks? 

  • If you need to protect solar panels through your home insurance, let your agent know. He or she may be able to help you add the panels to your coverage. Most insurers will need to specifically list these items on your policy. 

  • Talk about the amount of coverage you have. If your home suffers damage after a fire, will your policy cover the solar panels? Is there enough coverage to meet the new value of your home?


It does not have to take long to gather this information. As soon as you do, you will find it can be very affordable to add this system to your policy. Your home insurance agent is sure to meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have. 

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