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May 4, 2022

Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

Summer months invite motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy the longer days and warm nights. It also means more automobile drivers traveling to and from vacation spots.  

With more drivers on the road, motorcycle safety is challenging. An increased chance exists for accident, theft and motorcycle insurance claims. However, there are things motorcyclists can do to better protect themselves. These summer motorcycle safety tips can keep you on your bike, free of motorcycle insurance claims. 
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1. Don’t Forego Your Safety Gear 

As tempting as it is to ride in shorts and a t-shirt in 90 degree weather, don’t do it. Motorcycling can lead to exposure risks, regardless of the weather. 

Summer weight jackets, made from abrasion resistant mesh, keep you cool during warm months without sacrificing protection. Many also include rain guards for unexpected showers. In cases where changing clothes isn’t practical, summer weight over pants are breathable and easy to wear. Invest in the correct clothing that can keep you safe while riding. 

2. Helmet and Glasses Are Not Optional 

Many states do not have helmet laws that force riders to wear protective head gear. Yet wearing a helmet and safety glasses are not optional when it comes to safety. Always wear one. 

Choose a helmet that meets Department of Transportation safety standards. Shatterproof safety sunglasses reduce glare and protect a rider’s eyes from road debris. Wearing both reduces the likelihood of falling victim to injury or death in a crash. Many motorcycle insurance policies will also offer discounts to riders who use safety gear. 

3. Visibility. Visibility. Visibility. 
Even though the days are longer, motorcycles are not necessarily more visible. Other drivers may not see motorcycles as easily as they see other vehicles.  

It is vital that motorcycle riders choose clothing and accessories that make them as noticeable as possible. Choose bright colors, reflective materials and lights to ensure drivers notice you. Always use these items, no matter what the visibility is. 

4. Expect the Unexpected 
As a motorcycle rider, it is always best to expect the unexpected. Rather than presuming all drivers are aware of their surroundings, it is safer to assume they will never see you. Regardless of your legal rights to the right-of-way, cars are larger, better lit and often driven by distracted humans. 

Summer months are ideal for exploring the world on a motorcycle. With a few safety measures, you can ensure you will see summers for years to come. 

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