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July 13, 2022

Basic Security Steps For Your Home

We treasure our belongings, property and sense of security. At times though, an event may come along that threatens our sense of safety. Theft, vandalism and burglary are all very unsettling occurrences. They might lead to monetary losses, damages or expensive home insurance claims. Still, no settlement can return your lost items or restore your sense of security. 
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As we enter a new year, one of your goals might be to add extended security to your home. There are many obvious benefits to increased home security. At times, it might even reduce your insurance premiums. 

Security Changes to Make In the New Year 

Many home insurers offer discounts if homeowners add certain security features to their homes. They offer these discounts because added security might reduce the risk of property losses. Consider taking the following steps: 

  • Install an alarm system. Alarms automatically notify the homeowner, police or other authorities in an emergency. Many systems exist on the market today, so make sure you research the best protection for your money. Some might be more effective than others.
  • Invest in an Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring system. Often, IoT devices can let homeowners monitor their homes via computer or smartphone. For example, doorbell cameras can tell homeowners if someone is at the door without having to open it. This can help increase the home’s security.
  • Placing strategic lighting around the home. For example, motion lighting might alert a homeowner when someone walks onto the porch.
  • Secure doors and windows with strong, durable locks and handles. Homeowners should replace old or damaged locks periodically. Today, certain locks even come with code access to better secure the home than a traditional key.
  • Avoid displaying obvious signs of wealth publicly. For example, don’t place an expensive TV or priceless piece so that it is visible from the sidewalk.
  • Use safes, strong-arm cabinets or safety deposit boxes for important property. This makes these items more difficult for thieves to swipe.
  • Remain vigilant. You should always double-check all locks and security mechanisms in the home. Also, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home, just like you would. When neighbors work together, the entire block becomes safer. 

Always tell your home insurer about any new security steps you’ve added. They can help you determine if these steps will qualify you for premium discounts. While some won’t, the additional protection will always benefit your home. Contact a Pan American Insurance agent if if you have questions about your home insurance and security. 

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