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August 15, 2022

How to Prevent Workplace Injury

Every single workplace has risks. While some occupations are inherently more risky than others (such as construction workers, truck drivers, factory workers and more), even quiet office environments can be the source of workplace injuries.  workers compensation paperwork

Keeping your employees safe should be a top priority, both for their well-being and because your business depends on their ability to perform their jobs. However, another reason to promote safety is to avoid workers compensation claims. And the safer a workplace, the lower the cost of worker compensation insurance.  

Here are a few tips for promoting a safe environment and preventing workplace injury. 

  • Screen job applicants to ensure their ability to perform. For instance, you may wish to include a physical evaluation for jobs that require physical labor. (Note: Do not slide down the slippery slope of discriminating against someone because of age.)
  • Always train your staff on safety procedures and ensure that everyone has access to written copies of these protocols.
  • Safety training should be an ongoing process, not just an orientation for new hires. Hold biannual seminars on best safety practices and continue to grow your knowledge on the subject as a team.
  • Provide any necessary safety gear, like goggles or ear plugs. Regularly inspect equipment and replace as necessary.
  • Your staff should be trained on emergency first aid procedures in case an accident does occur. This includes the location and usage of medical supplies.
  • Encourage your staff to pursue healthy lifestyles by way of healthy snacks in the break room, lunchtime walks, seminars on stress reduction and more. Healthy employees are less likely to sustain injuries on the job. 

Whether you’re required to have it or not (depending on the state in which your business is located), maintaining a workers compensation insurance policy is a signal to your employees that you care about their well-being. It also doubles as protection for your business against a potential lawsuit.  

Protect your hardworking staff. Call Pan American Insurance for more information on workers compensation insurance. 


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