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September 12, 2022

What Flood Insurance Covers

Many people think that since they do not live near an ocean or reside within a defined flood zone, they are safe from rising waters. However, because of how common flooding can be, it’s important for every household to consider the protection of flood insurance. 
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Flood insurance (which is sold separately from homeowners or renters insurance) is designed to cover both your house and belongings from the harmful effects of floodwaters. This type of insurance offers the following forms of coverage: 

  • Structure coverage—Coverage for the structure of your house generally includes drywall, the foundation and flooring, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems, water heaters, furnaces and more. If these areas are damaged, you may be compensated for replacement materials, repair expenses and debris removal.
  • Contents coverage—Coverage for the contents of your home typically includes furniture, clothing and electronics, among others. You also have the option to purchase additional contents coverage to cover high-dollar items, like musical instruments and artwork. 

Floodwaters can be contaminated with sewage, chemicals and other nasty substances that can not only damage your property, but also endanger the health of your family. Quick cleanup and restoration is essential for salvaging your property and maintaining a healthy home. Since standing water can cause significant damage, it’s easy to see how flood insurance can be beneficial in case of such an event. 

However, as with any insurance policy, flood insurance does have certain limitations. One example is that basements and other below ground areas may be excluded from your policy, unless specifically written in. You may also find that outdoor contents (e.g., patio furniture) are excluded as well.  

Your independent insurance agent can help you find a flood insurance policy that meets the needs of your family. Be sure to discuss what is included in the coverage, along with any listed exclusions. Understanding your coverage is the first step toward recovery after a flood. 

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