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November 4, 2022

Surprising Car Insurance Rate Factors

Everyone has heard that your driving record influences your car insurance rates. If you have been in an accident or received a speeding ticket you can expect the price of your insurance to go up in many cases. The following list includes items that affect car insurance rates that people often find surprising. 

Education silver car
Auto insurers have found that the rate of claims decreases with more education. So, people with a higher level of education tend to pay less. Make sure your insurance agent knows what level of education you have completed, especially if you have recently graduated. 

Credit Score 
Believe it or not but a lower credit score corresponds to a higher likelihood of getting into an accident. Or maybe it corresponds to a higher likelihood that you will not keep up with your car insurance payments. Either way, credit score impacts insurance rates, except in states like California where it is against the law to factor in credit score. Regardless, it is always recommended that you keep an eye on your credit score and correct any errors you find.  

Make and model obviously matter, but did you realize that horsepower made a difference as well? A six cylinder engine is more expensive to insure than a four cylinder, even if the two cars are identical otherwise.  

Married or Single? 
Married people are less likely to get into a car accident, according to studies. In addition, when married people do wind up in a car accident, it tends to be less expensive than the car accident a single person is involved in. Therefore, insurance companies tend to reduce rates for those who are married.  

What does this mean? A married person with a PhD who drives a four cylinder engine car and has a fantastic credit history will pay a lower rate than the single person who didn’t complete high school, drives a six cylinder and never remembers to pay the bills. Are you surprised? It is also interesting to note that according to a recent Princeton survey, 43 percent of people think income level influences insurance rates. In addition, 34 percent believe retirement savings influence the price. However, neither of these two factors actually do impact insurance rates.  

We’re here to keep surprises at bay. Contact Pan American Insurance for more information on auto insurance.

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