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December 2, 2022

5 Great Ways to Get More Use Out of a Small Space

Living in an apartment is a cost-effective housing choice, particularly for young adults. But such a small space can make it hard to fit everything inside while keeping your humble abode functional at the same time. Luckily, a little bit of organizing can go a long way toward getting more use out of a small space. Here are five tips to get you started. 
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  • Clear the clutter: Many people hold on to junk for years because it’s easier than sorting through it all. But now is not the time to be lazy! Clearing away the clutter can open up valuable space for what you really need and want in your home. Donate, trash, recycle or sell items that you no longer use, such as old clothing, old books that you don’t wish to re-read, CDs that you now store digitally etc.
  • Create the illusion of space: The perception of more space is nearly as important as spaciousness itself. You can do this by painting rooms in light colors, strategically hanging mirrors, buying items with reflective surfaces like glass tables and stainless steel appliances, hanging artwork with vertical lines and positioning curtains as high as possible.
  • Utilize the space under the bed: This area is often forgotten, yet it’s perfect for storage. Buy a few lidded plastic bins designed to fit under the bed (some even have wheels for rolling in and out). You can store almost anything in these bins, such as off-season clothing, seasonal décor, photos and scrapbooks, shoes etc. For even more space, you can purchase bed risers to get a few more inches of storage. If you need to purchase a bed, look for one that has a functional headboard with shelves and drawers for storage.
  • Plan the space: Before purchasing items for your apartment, think of the space itself. Forget the huge reclining sofa and select a more modest sofa or loveseat instead. Hanging flat-screen TVs on the wall is a great space saver. Choose a smaller dining room table with a drop-leaf so you can save space when guests aren’t over. Buy compact countertop kitchen appliances, particularly ones that have more than one function. 
  • Light it up: Brightening up a room can open up the space, as well as enhance your mood. Layer light into your apartment. If some basic track lighting is installed, you can add to it with a few lamps or wall-mounted lights in darker areas. 

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