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January 31, 2023

The Benefits of Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Whenever you drive, you are going to encounter other drivers. As a result, there’s a chance that you could harm them. Nevertheless, there’s also a chance that they could harm you. 

After accidents, many drivers face questions about who was at fault in the accident. The at-fault party might have an obligation to cover some of the damage costs of the party they harmed. Generally, this help might come from the at-fault party’s auto liability insurance. But, what happens if they don’t have enough coverage, or even no coverage at all? 
two cars that have been in an accident
Who Pays for an At-Fault Accident? 
One day, another car runs a red light and collides with you at an intersection. You might sustain vehicle damage as well as injuries. 

Because the other driver ran the red light, the accident likely is their fault. As a result, you, the not-guilty party might be able to file a claim on the offending driver’s liability coverage. More or less, the other driver’s liability insurance exists to help you pay for personal damage from an accident that wasn’t your fault.  

Yet, some drivers face problems when they try to file a claim on someone else’s liability insurance. They might find that the other driver’s policy doesn’t provide enough coverage for all their losses. In a worst case scenario, offending drivers might not even have liability coverage at all. Situations like these could put the no-fault driver at a financial loss if they have to pay out of pocket. 

Getting Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance 
So, what do you do? You might feel tempted to file a claim on your own insurance policy’s collision coverage. It might provide the money you need to make repairs, after all.  

However, think carefully about this decision. If you make a claim on your own collision coverage, it’s a move that many insurers won’t take lightly. They might view it as a sign that you are a high risk driver. As a result, you might face higher premium costs and other hassles. 

This is where investing in uninsured/underinsured (U/M) insurance might prove beneficial. It can help drivers when an at-fault party’s liability insurance falls short. It can usually help in scenarios where at-fault drivers have no insurance or not enough insurance. U/M insurance can usually pay for injuries, property damage and more challenges affecting no-fault drivers.  

All drivers can benefit from this protection. Think of it as an extra bit of protection for times when someone else’s insurance might not be able to help you. So, don’t forget to talk to your insurance agent about the benefits of this protection. They can help you tailor your coverage more effectively to your needs. 

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