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February 16, 2023

A Checklist for Renters

Searching for a new apartment isn’t always easy. Even though you’re not buying the property, you still want to ensure that you rent an enjoyable unit in good repair. While apartment hunting, take along a few items—such as a camera, tape measure and notebook—so you can thoroughly examine the property and make any necessary notes to help you remember your likes and dislikes about each property you visit. Additionally, it helps to bring a checklist so you know exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve created one for you, but feel free to add you own questions as well. 

Location paper house and family with an umbrella with renters insurance on it

  • Are the common areas of the property well-maintained?
  • Is the neighborhood safe? Are there good schools nearby?
  • What is the parking situation? How about public transportation?
  • Are there nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations etc.? 


  • Do the exterior doors have dead bolts? If not, can they be installed?
  • Do the windows and window locks work well?
  • Are there functioning smoke alarms? Is there an easy fire escape route?
  • Is the heat gas or electric? Is there air conditioning?
  • Is there enough closet and storage space?
  • Is the apartment clean and in good repair? Are there any damages?
  • Are pets allowed? Are there additional charges for them? 


  • How old are the appliances? You may want to test them.
  • Does the garbage disposal work?
  • Is there frost build up in the fridge and/or freezer? (This can lead to higher utility bills.)
  • Is there enough counter space and lighting? 


  • Does the shower have enough water pressure? Test it.
  • Does the toilet flush well?
  • Is there an exhaust fan?
  • Is there any sign—visual or odor—of mold?
  • Is there enough lighting? 

Once you choose your perfect apartment, remember to purchase renters insurance to protect your belongings from a variety of potential losses.  

We’ll help you get started. Call Pan American Insurance for more information on renters insurance


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